Technology for Hospital Pharmacy


Resources for Pharmacists

Medication Carts

Atromick, Howard + others (8)

Lionville carts

Manrex MMI med carts

Pharmacy Packaging (General)

Baxa Corporation


Multiple sites for technology

Pharmacy Robots

Intravenous Drug Preparations – RIVA SYSTEM

Pharmacy Software

Centricity Pharmacy (formerly BDM, small and large hospitals)

Cerner Millennium Pharmnet

MediWare (stand alone or integrated systems)a

Patient Information Management System (PiMS, in patient and out patient)

Pharmacy Computer Systems Inc.

Win Pharm (small hospitals, stand alone or network)

Patient Safety Technology

Thornhill Research (medical device innovator)

Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Automed Medselect

Cardinal Health ( Pyxis)

McKesson PacMed